If you can dream it....we can make it a reality!

Dozier Studios is proud to bring you the magic of TV/Film into your hands at a reasonable price. We work hard on the mastery of props and cosplay items.

About Us

From a young age, Owner Michael Dozier had a love for toys and all things superhero. Number one on that list.....Power Rangers. So much so, that his love later led into a small startup out of a basement in Cincinnati, Ohio. Where he specialized in star toys, custom items, and props. Thus the first Dozier company was born. It managed to continue to expand until, eventually becoming the full service prop, costume, and commissions studio it is today. What once started as a love for toys, has grow into a family of friends, fans, and loyal customers. Now with children of his own, the love of the beautiful Lana Dozier, and his awesome mother,  The Dozier Family works 24/7 to bring you the best experience possible. Weather it be out and about at a convention, or something as small as an online message, every single interaction is treated with the highest priority. We pride ourselves on  great customer service and a good product at an affordable price. Our reputation is important to us, as are ours customers. We work hard at everything we do and we wanna work hard for you!